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"From a living systems perspective there has never been anything more powerful in human affairs than people who are in touch with the self-organising force of a creative universe."

Tim Winton, Founder, PatternDynamics​

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Self Organisation for the People 

At PatternDynamics we think of self-organisation a little differently. It’s not an organisational system that’s imposed from the top down. It’s a way of learning to practice high-level relational skills that spread organically and create transformational change from the bottom-up. Our Forum Training Community is committed to helping you get that kind of traction. It does this by supporting the practice of powerful skills that align your deepest purpose with the natural, but often latent, self-organising processes at work in every organisation.

Live Your Purpose

Your deepest purpose is to work for transformative change, but you are often frustrated because your efforts are thwarted by traditional organisational structures. In our Forum Training Community you will learn practices that seamlessly integrate into organisational life. They will allow you to gain influence, not lose it, as you develop your skills. 

Develop Powerful Skills and Tools

PatternDynamics is a deeply pragmatic set of skills, tools, and principles that allow you to turn the complexity in your work into a deep personal practice. Rather than being an external 'tool' imposed on others, PatternDynamics begins as an inner practice designed to build influence and spread organically. It doesn’t require authorisation or restructuring. People do not even need to know you are practicing it in order for it to be effective.

Learn A Living Systems Operating Model

Strengthen bottom up influence for leveraging change and discover an alternative to traditional hierarchical structures and new organisation fads. The skills you learn here will help you and your organisation shift organically to a more functional, open, adaptive, innovative, self-organising operating model. No high stakes restructuring required.

Successfully Learn Systems Thinking

Systems thinking has a notorious reputation for being difficult to learn. It is often technical, confusing, and geeky. It is also one of the key skills leaders are tested on in order to reach the highest levels. At PatternDynamics, we have a step-by-step process that will help you learn to successfully and easily identify, communicate about, and change the dynamics at play in any system. Our training is based on social processes informed by the best of the learning sciences. Become the ‘go to’ person in your organisation or community for systemic insights.

Close the Complexity Gap

We can sometimes feel  ‘in over our heads’ in relation to the complexity of today's world. This is because there is often a gap between the level of complexity of the challenges we are faced with and the level of the skills we possess to manage them. PatternDynamics can help you close that gap by identifying exactly where you are and by providing you with precisely tailored practices designed to take you to the next level. 

Communicate Your Whole System Insights Effectively

If you sometimes feel misunderstood, and you are tired of receiving blank stares when you try to communicate your systems insights, PatternDynamics can help. With us, you will learn to communicate your more holistic insights in a way that others can hear and relate to. Confusion and miscommunication happen when people use the same language to refer to different things or different language to refer to the same thing. PatternDynamics provides a framework for consistent, clearly defined, shared language about your systems.

Learn Wiser Decision Making

Wiser decision making can be learned. It is based on a set of skills that can be understood and developed over time. It also has a deep relationship to robust systems thinking. At PatternDynamics we focus on scientifically validated decision making skill building. This will allow you to confidently set priorities, include others in your decision making, coordinate perspectives effectively, and rigorously explain the rationale behind your judgements. There is nothing quite like improving your decision making for building confidence and increasing your influence.

Master an Operating System that Simplifies Complex Problem Solving

Do you ever wonder how some people seamlessly and effortlessly organise results in highly challenging circumstances? Chances are they are purpose-driven, strong systems-thinkers, and have highly developed collaborative skills. They will also have their own system for fostering better self-organisation, but they may not know how they do what they do, or how to pass those skills on to you. At PatternDynamics, we have a comprehensive, step-by-step method, based on our unique systems thinking framework and our proprietry operation system that will help you become a master of self-organisation. It is easy to learn and can be developed to high levels over time. The key is learning to identify the simplicity on the other side of complexity. This allows you to cut through the noise and harness the creative efforts of others in developing elegant solutions to those wicked problems.

Improve Collaborative Skills

Learn effective collaborative skills, rather than finding yourself getting stuck in endless collaborations. PatternDynamics encourages an organic shift to a more collaborative culture based on practices backed by rigorous scientific research and techniques from the cutting edge of the learning sciences. Improve team performance by facilitating more open, adaptive, innovative, self-organising groups that learn together how to function at the highest level.

Learn a Pattern Language 

Our current spoken, written and mathematical languages are excellent for analysing the nature of 'parts', but they are not optimised for helping us see how these parts are organised into 'wholes'. PatternDynamics combines the patterns of nature with the power of language to create a universal pattern language. Learning our pattern language gives you a whole new way of communicating about the world and the ability to facilitate healthier conditions in absolutely any situation you encounter. 

Join Your Tribe 

If you are someone who sees the bigger picture, is passionate about creating a better future, and loves engaging in practice to develop your skills, then there is a good chance you may just have found your tribe. 

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"A unique and profound training..."

"PatternDynamics is a unique and profound training for the enhancement of individual, group and organizational development and well being. PD enables reflection on tensions in any system, including interpersonal interactions, and addresses these in a completely non accusatory and non threatening manner, to mobilize the tensions towards greater growth and performance, all as aligned with clarity of purpose. There is nothing like out it there - and it is quite learnable and useable.”

Michael Schwartz (PD Level II Practitioner)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Simply one of the most elegant frameworks for systems thinking..."

"PatternDynamics is simply one of the most elegant frameworks for systems thinking that I've ever encountered. The depth of research underpinning the work, the detailed attention to the symbols and Tim Winton's extremely skilful facilitation allow the heart of the material to be directly experienced.

The architecture of the symbolic language of Pattern Dynamics allows for both an accessible clarity and nuanced detail for complex organisational issues.

In my work, I've drawn upon the frameworks to design and the language to communicate complex organisational system dynamics to staff working at all levels of the organisation. In my experience it has been immensely helpful in building collaborative systems thinking and rendering complexity less complicated.”

Julian Waters-Lynch (PD Level II Practitioner)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"A deeper understanding of the forces at play in systems..."

"What I get from PatternDynamics is a deeper understanding of the forces at play in systems of all shapes and sizes. Natural systems, human systems - be it ecosystems, organizations, family or nation-states... World looks incredibly complex. I think tools that help to see common principles behind immense surface-level diversity are really helpful. Once PatternDynamics starts to work for you, it informs your thinking in the background, often in a ways that you are not consciously aware of. Cool stuff!"

Erkki Vedder (PD Level II Practitioner)

What is PatternDynamics?

PatternDynamics™ is a way of practicing self-organisation based on the principles of living systems. It is supported by a unique systems thinking framework designed for purpose-driven collaboration.

We are in the middle of a planetary-scale transition. The linear, hierarchical, and mechanistic worldview that underpins industrial growth is breaking down. The machine model is too simplistic for resolving the complex problems it has created. We believe addressing the complexity challenge requires the shift to a living systems operating model – one that mimics nature’s ability to self-organise for more adaptive, innovative, and collaborative problem solving.

We support community and organisational leaders in learning to create positive systems-level change. We’re passionate about helping to facilitate the transformation to a more just, equitable, and thriving Planetary-scale society.

Whether you’re a social entrepreneur, change agent, facilitator, or an organisational leader, when you shift (or are asked to shift) to work for change at the systems-level, you will often, unknowingly, step over an invisible boundary into a much more complex world. The normal rules don’t always seem to apply, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Much of the overwhelm, at this stage, is caused by the gap between the complexity of the systems we are beginning to be able to see and our ability to work collaboratively to determine priorities, make decisions, and solve problems at that level. The complexity gap is also the root cause of the pain and frustration we are experiencing globally as we collectively struggle to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

PatternDynamics is a community of practice that provides training and support designed to help you close the complexity gap and get traction with your work. By sharing a systems language and a collaborative practice we have a way to support each other as we learn to understand, communicate about, and design better solutions to wicked problems. We use research-based learning and coaching resources from the cutting edge of the learning sciences and combine them with a step-by-step process for developing real and practical skills you can use every day.

Our work is founded on a living systems view. This view is based on the idea that more distributed, more participatory, self-organising processes are real and powerful, if underrecognised, forces that may be harnessed for positive change. At PatternDynamics our mission is to empower change makers to spread skills and practices that allow people to work collaboratively with self-organisation as a means of creating highly-leveraged systems-level transformations.

Tim Winton, Founder, PatternDynamics

I spent the early part of my working life planting trees in the wilderness and leading the development of an experimental sustainability education community. My over-riding passion is learning from natural systems and applying these insights to creating a better world.

PatternDynamics grew out of my intuition that living systems held the key to better forms of collaboration. This intuition developed out of my work in forestry, as permaculture educator, training in Aikido, through my leadership in an experimental sustainability community, the study of the complexity and systems sciences, and work as an integral theorist. I observed that natural systems seemed to exhibit dynamic patterns of self-organisation that constantly strived for the balance between the individual creatures within it and the overall health of the system. When it comes to very complex challenges, there seemed to be a gap between the often dysfunctional dynamics of human communities and the way natural systems were able to constantly and consistently find the dynamic balance that kept them thriving. The reason for this is that natural systems are indeed the best models we have identified for thinking about complexity itself. After more than 10 years of experimentation, PatternDynamics is now a practice that anyone can learn and spread to make positive change.

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