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PatternDynamics™ Forum Training Community (FTC)

Our FTC is an internet forum community where you will find mentors, coaches, fellow travelers, training materials, course modules, and a supportive community working together to learn how to create more thriving systems. Our goal is not just to learn PatternDynamics™ so we can apply it to creating healthier community and organisational environments. It’s also to use it amongst ourselves to enhance the collective intelligence available for meeting our own challenges as change makers.

Learning in the PatternDynamics community has personal benefits too. It will work just as well for you as an individual if you apply it that way, and perhaps because of this, we have developed a strong commitment to helping each other learn and grow.

Who Is It For?

Our Training Forum is designed for anyone interested in working purposefully toward create a better world–from change agents beginning their journey to seasoned organisational professionals. It’s a home for more holistically orientated, systems thinking change makers. It’s ideal for:

  • community change agents,
  • organisational professionals,
  • social entrepreneurs,
  • coaches,
  • facilitators,
  • conscious leaders, and
  • organisational intrepreneurs

How Will This Help You?

If you desire to create systems that really thrive, but are frustrated by a lack of effective tools and methods for more complex challenges; if you can see the bigger picture, but have difficulty communicating your perspective; if you feel isolated as a more holistic change maker; or, if you’d like to share your successes, then our training forum is a community where you can help co-create effective outcomes.

What Happens in the Forum?

First port of call is to undertake Level I Training, the introductory program in PatternDynamics™ (PD). This convenient online training, with accompanying Workbook and dedicated forum threads, gets you started with foundation skills and competencies. This is the basis for the unique form of understanding, communication, and collaborative problem solving that is shared by all members of our  community. Ask any question and get an answer. Join discussion threads on a wide range of topics. Start your own. Get support from other members and contribute your experience to help others learn and to solve problems. Start experiencing how a purpose-driven, collaborative systems thinking approach can enhance the collective intelligence for building your skills and solving your problems as a change maker–and how this helps you learn to do the same for others.

Member Benefits

As a member of the FTC you will have priority access to our Professional Accreditation Programs and Community of Practice membership. There is also bonus material including video modules in applied eco-literacy and permaculture design. At PatternDynamics™ you will find personal and professional development pathways that can take you from the very beginnings of this work to professional skills and accreditations that will allow you to get results at the highest levels of organisational life.

Click here to Register Your Interest and we will notify you of our next intake.