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  • Systems Leadership Coaching

    Systems Leadership Coaching is designed for change makers faced with complex challenges. Whether you are a senior organisational leader taking your interpreneurship to the next level or a social entrepreneur looking to make a deeper impact, dealing with the complexity of your role will be one of your biggest challenges. We use Lectica Assessments, educational tools from the cutting edge of the learning sciences, and combine them with the power of purpose, collaboration, and systems thinking to help you attain the skills you need. More…


  • PatternDynamics™ Forum Training Community

    In our online forum community you will find training materials, courses, and a network of change makers passionate about the living systems view. Connect with mentors, coaches, fellow travellers, future collaborators, potential clients, and experts in related fields. Learning PatternDynamics gives us a unique systems language for collaborative problem solving, but the framework itself is not the focus–the way we communicate is. Our priority is the art and science of the more conscious conversation, and how a more equitable and generative living systems worldview can be crafted into pragmatic initiatives for a better future. If you’ve ever felt alone as a more holistic thinker and you’d like some support as a change maker (or to give some) then please sign up and join us. More…


  • Organisational Development Programs

    PatternDynamics Programs are designed to introduce better self-organising skills to groups. Benefits include more agile, adaptive, and innovative problem solving in teams and groups of teams. Programs can also be created to support communities of practice tasked with stewarding the living systems view and self-organisation skill building within organisations. Program components include purpose-driven group proces skills, collaborative systems thinking training, embodiment workshops, collaborative problem solving labs, self-understanding assessment, and decision making coaching. Bringing the benefits of increased self-organisation and collaborative problem solving does not need to be high stakes, high risk, or structurally disruptive. We take an organic approach, allowing the demonstrated benefits of stronger self-organisation to drive change. More…