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What we do:

PatternDynamics™ is a way of practicing self-organisation based on the principles of living systems.

We support community and organisational leaders in learning to create positive systems-level change. We’re passionate about helping to facilitate the transformation to a more just, equitable, and thriving Planetary-scale society.

Whether you’re a social entrepreneur, change agent, facilitator, or an organisational leader, when you shift (or are asked to shift) to work for change at the systems-level, you will often, unknowingly, step over an invisible boundary into a much more complex world. The normal rules don’t always seem to apply, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Much of the overwhelm, at this stage, is caused by the gap between the complexity of the systems we are beginning to be able to see and our ability to work collaboratively to determine priorities, make decisions and solve problems at that level. The complexity gap is also the root cause of the pain and frustration we are experiencing globally as we collectively struggle to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

PatternDynamics is a community of practice that provides training and support designed to help you close the complexity gap and get traction with your work. We do that by sharing a systems thinking framework (PatternDynamics™) designed for purpose-driven collaboration and a set of unique organisational practices. By sharing a systems language and a collaborative practice we have a unique way to support each other as we learn to understand, communicate about, and design better solutions to wicked problems. We use research-based learning and coaching resources from the cutting edge of the learning sciences and combine them with a step by step process for developing real and practical skills you can use every day.

Our work is founded on a living systems view. This view is based on the idea that more distributed, more participatory, self-organising processes are real and powerful, if underrecognised, forces that may be harnessed for positive change. At PatternDynamics our mission is to empower change makers to spread skills and practices that allow people to work collaboratively with self-organisation as a means of creating highly-leveraged systems-level transformations.

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Tim Winton: Founder/Director

Tim-suit-photo-cropped-head-shot-black-and-white2-small2Tim spent the early part of his working life planting trees in the wilderness and leading the development of an experimental sustainability education community.

His over-riding passion is learning from natural systems and applying these insights to creating a better world.

We are in the middle of a planetary-scale transition. The industrial structures that supported growth for much of the last century are breaking down under unprecedented levels of complexity. Managing the complexity challenge, Tim believes, means learning a living systems operating model–one that mimics nature’s ability to self-organise for more adaptive and innovative, collaborative problem solving.

From his observations of the natural world, experiments in community and organisational life, and insights from the complexity sciences, Tim created PatternDynamics, a naturalistic systems thinking framework designed for purpose-driven collaboration. He shares it as a set of practices to support self-organisation skills for individuals and groups.

Tim is a serial social entrepreneur. He works at the intersection of commerce, sustainability, and social change. His roles include forester, permaculture designer, organic farmer, sustainability educator, leadership coach, organisational consultant, executive, trustee and board member. He is an award-winning independent scholar.

Areas of expertise include ecological design, strategy, leadership decision making, integral theory and practice, team performance, self-organisation, systems thinking training, and simplifying complex problem solving.

Tim holds the rank of Nidan in Aikido Yuishinkai, a Diploma of Accredited Permaculture Design, and a BA in Literature. His meditation practice is grounded in the Pointing Out Way as taught by Daniel P. Brown, PhD.

He enjoys a second childhood, with his two beautiful daughters, as Leader in Charge of 1st Byron Bay Scout Group, and splits his time between inner city Melbourne and his off-grid property near Byron Bay, NSW.

Academic papers and case studies are available at http://independent.academia.edu/TWinton 

LinkedIn profile here.

Kamya O’Keeffe: Producer/Director


Kamya has over 20 years management experience in the not-for-profit and commercial creative industry sectors. She is the director of Cultivate, an Arts and Cultural management consultancy in New South Wales, Australia. Her work focuses on strategic development– integrating innovation, ethics and sustainability in Social Enterprise.

Kamya graduated at both University of New York and School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Her career as an Executive Producer began in advertising on Madison Avenue followed by five international agencies, and numerous awards including a Cannes Palme D’or.

Following a three year spiritual journey and practice in India, she returned to the creative sector with a changed purpose–to utilise her commercial experience in not-for-profit development.

As Head of Programming for the Arts at Dartington in the UK, Kamya developed partnerships and projects that highlighted interdisciplinary collaboration as a core value of this national centre of excellence in music and education. In a key collaboration with Schumacher College, she contributed to pioneering an international program in Art & Ecology and expanded her work with sustainability education organisations. Kamya is a voluntary board member for several arts and education charities.

She is a director and the producer for PatternDynamics™. Kamya is committed to the power of language and the capacity of natural patterns to shape the way we see, understand and change our world.

Sean Esbjörn-Hargens: Development

SeanEsbjornHargens-021Sean is a leading Integral scholar-practitioner and the first person to hold a PhD in Integral Theory. He is a founding member of Integral Institute and the founder of MetaIntegral–a social entrepreneur ecosystem comprised on three oranisations: MetaIntegral Associates, MetaIntegral Academy and MetaIntegral Foundation.

Sean has created two master’s degrees in Integral Theory, one at John F. Kennedy University and one at Fielding Graduate University in Organizational Management and Development. He is currently the most published author applying the Integral model to a variety of topics: education, sustainable development, ecology, research, intersubjectivity, science and religion, consciousness studies, and play. His articles have appeared in academic journals such as the Journal of Consciousness Studies, World Futures, ReVision, and Journal of Humanistic Psychology. Sean co-authored a 800-page book with environmental philosopher Michael Zimmerman: Integral Ecology: Uniting Multiple Perspectives on the Natural World.

Sean is founder and executive editor of the academic peer-reviewed Journal of Intgreral Theory and Practice, founder of the Integral Research Center, founder of the Integral Ecology Center, and he co-founded the biennial Integral Theory Conference.

Sean has over twenty years of leadership experience always serving in multiple major roles simultaneously. His passion as a leader comes from his love of being alive, his commitment of looking directly at reality without blinking, and his desire to increase people’s experience of intimacy with Being.

Erkki Vedder: Web Development

erkkiv-257x300Erkki has 10 years of experience as a project manager in non-governmental and public sectors. He has worked on number of issues ranging from local development, environmental sustainability, cross-border cooperation, implementation of next generation biometrical documents, developing IT systems for internal security agencies and others. In 2011 he took a pause from his professional career and lived two years on his backpack, travelling in Asia and Oceania. He joined PatternDynamics™ as part of his goal to contribute to the meaningful change in the world.

He has a BA in contemporary history and a half-completed masters degree in Business IT. His mind has been expanded by integral theory and he strives to take it from intellectual framework to embodied living. He loves hiking, practices Aikido, studies and practices coaching and reads books way too difficult for him. But most of all he likes cooking – if someone else does it, that is!

Jill Chitra: Community of Practice Leader

Jill Chitra black and whiteJill has 30 years experience working in the for profit, publicly traded business sectors of engineering and management from the foodto pharmaceutical industries. Jill graduated with a chemical engineering degree from Queen’s University in Canada as well as a Master in Business Administration.

As a people-centred senior leader she has lead large teams in defining and creating outcomes in complex, highly regulated and international business environments. She has experience in numerous business roles that cover; foreign commercial postings, senior corporate staff positions, business unit line positions with P&L responsibility, and general and technical management. Jill thrives in fast moving, complex environments that focus on creating health and well being for larger populations.

As a certified Integral Masters Coach™ and graduate of the Meta-Integral Embodied Practitioner program, Jill has worked closely with people both collectively and individually to help facilitate and support change and personal growth. Jill has also been the key sponsor and champion for collective level major change initiatives that have had wide impact in ecosystems outside the purely corporate sphere including governments, academia and not-for profit.

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